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Service project

Office relocation

Office furniture: according to the decoration drawing compartments and seat layout of budgetary decisions and company kind of furniture for the new Office:
according to the design drawings to determine in advance specific placement of all old and new furniture, Office furniture items such as packaging, Assembly and disassembly, handling.
looking for Office building: needs a lot of Office Space Agency and Office sales people. Go through looking for buildings, building, negotiation, contract, property, and several steps.
Office equipment: according to the demand for new Office, decide whether to buy new or used equipment, whether the disposal of old devices.
weak current wiring: according to the company, can make the decoration company or phone network services company to do it.
also a lot of other preparations: relocation of the company's license changes, notification of release, inform all employees to the new Office of the seat and the new extension number.
moving follow-up to: the telephone, the smooth transition of the network system, cleaning, security, landscaping, etc. BACK

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