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Service project

Move the air conditioning machines

Preparation    worker who come and complete set of tools and safety equipment.
recovery of refrigerant    outside unit runs take fluoride closed the valves, valve closed valve after the Frost melts, shut down immediately, pull out power, tighten insurance Cap. Move the air conditioning refrigerants collected in the outdoor unit of the machine. Split
indoor unit     when removing the indoor unit, should prevent the condensation water in PCB split outdoor unit     remove the outdoor machine should be unloaded balance to avoid vibration shake, using plastic wrap to handle.
install   air conditioning installation should pay attention to the installation position and flow. Finally, the detergent leak, observing each connector has no bubbles emerge, once after the system is leak-free, screw the valve protecting Cap.
test     finally ruled out pipes and air power on the trial operation of the installation is complete. BACK

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