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Service project

Long-distance transport

Call the specialist customer telephone inquiries, preliminary understanding if the customer needs to provide relocation, relocation of route, packaging, and the availability of valuable phone offer consultation via telephone, if not much need to move goods, it is a small move, they can use the telephone bid, entered into an oral agreement.
home valuation companies, factories, groups or individuals to move from item number belongs to large relocation, our company has sales, free home evaluation, and provide relocation advice, exhibits and notes, for the relocation of your tailor-made transport solutions.
sign relocation contracts after the on-site assessment, if the parties agree to immediately sign relocation contracts if the gap on both sides, please contact our accounting department, a second assessment.
vehicles on time according to the quantity of goods, assigned to suitable vehicles and Porter, the auspicious day auspicious times specified by the customer, vehicle arrived.
transport packaging as carriage of unpackaged items the customer, our company can carry items packaged and custom wooden packaging, please inform, equip items to long-distance transport conditions.
value-insured transportation customers have the right to choose whether or not to take out transport insurance, hedging transport; in the process of removal and transport, if accidentally and cause damage to the furniture or anything, I have someone responsible for engagement claim. BACK

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