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Views on moving to the nature of the contract

In recent years, the demand for home purchase became the first. In order to meet this demand, various moving companies are springing up to born. Mass moving company services in Guangzhou, there have been some disputes, such as moving company moving cargo during the valuables of residents missing, damaged, or property loss caused by accident, or not moving on time, such dispute, if it happens, what laws and regulations would be a problem. In my opinion, first for such contracts to be the correct characterization. In the theory of law and trial practice, and has considered moving house contract is a service contract, the contract of carriage or service contract, the author believes that moving contract is a contract. Moving
difference between contract and labor contract. Moving the purpose of the contract is not the work itself, but moving tasks to complete. Even if the moving company provides services, but if you cannot complete the move task, remuneration cannot be moved. And labor party workers as long as you provide the labor force, even if the task is not completed, employers will have to pay remuneration. Seen from the nature of the contract, the contractor is independent. Residents after signing contracts with moving companies, moving moving company should be determined, residents may not be around. After the task is completed, residents move to the company's costs, not wages, but a reward, and the rewards are generally agreed in advance, moving companies are generally required to invoice to the residents. Therefore, the residents are the ordering party, the moving company is the contractor, Act on behalf of company workers, not on behalf of the individual.
some people think that moving elements of the contract does not require raw materials do not meet the characteristics of the contract. In my opinion, contract law does not require that contracts to provide elements of raw materials. New contract law renamed the processing contract contract, this contract has not only included the ordering party provided materials or the ordering party provides technical parameters of the contract. Contract a big feature is the contract is the subject of a specific nature, the subject must be the product of hired labor, cannot be an abundant supply in the market, usually by the contractor in its own knowledge, skills and labour to meet the requirements of the hirer. Move the contract fits these characteristics, so I think that moving contract due to contract class is completed. BACK

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