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Moving industry step up relocation service level

Moving company will be new ways of service Services Expo to enhance moving services, and trying it out in front of the Expo "turn-key" projects of international standardization. This is from today's "move industry Expo 600 days of mobilization" on access to information. Moving companies vehicle upgrade service levels stop. today, the moving industry in this city more than 2,200 employees wear a uniform work clothes, change corporate individual looks, neat and clean, the image is changed, this is the first implementation of uniform. "This identification is more obvious, wearing a Jersey, approached the mass, more energy. "Moving company of Master Chen is pleased to refer to the above the breast pocket" mass moving "red letters is pleased to say.
according to understand, moved field industry according to city traffic Council "welcome Expo 600 action plans" of specific work target, full industry has achieved "unified industry uniforms, and unified operating logo, and unified supervision phone, and unified benchmark freight, and unified service commitment", industry overall image get further upgrade, also easy general public recognition fake moved field of "Lee ghost" and black moved field company.
so far, the city has moved ahead of the moving industry field carriages of rates and Euro standards are up to 80% of "World Expo action plan" goals and achieve the goals of these two indicators of 90% next year, while a new, unifying vehicle color, 710 a moving car show the flow of Guangzhou City's image window.
Shanghai GPS can track handling whereabouts in yesterday of mobilization Assembly Shang, 22 home moved field Enterprise head to social public new of "five to, and five not" of service commitment: "Futures punctuality, and light light, and make clear object, and charges reasonable, and protection privacy; not cable tip, and not sucking guest smoke, and not received gift, and not embarrassed customer, and not damaged things", and to service quality feedback rate and complaints timely processing rate two 100% to ensure commitment of implemented.
, for example, moving companies, 40 has taken the lead in moving car equipped with a GPS navigation system, rear hydraulic lifting devices are installed, which improves the safety of moving, and reduce the labor intensity of workers, customers stay at home, through GPS positioning, see entrust handling of whereabouts.
moved company in service quality visit in the, learned that one workers not by provides since with tea, in customer home in the with has mineral water and cake, snack, company by provides on violations workers punishment 100 Yuan bonus; moved company one workers in moved field Shi picked up to carpet following pair Platinum hanging pendant, spot returned to master, master took out 200 Yuan for reward, was rejected, and specially sent two article cigarettes to company, also was Wan refused. It is understood that this year, the industry has received a letter of commendation, the electricity, the banner 162, first to second quarter of customer satisfaction index evaluation of urban traffic in the first half, moved a score of 85.38 and 86.25 points per game, is located between satisfactory and satisfying. BACK

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